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Ear Gear FAQs

Q: What is Ear Gear?
A: Ear Gear is the world's only iPhone case with built-in, retractable earbuds and microphone

Q: How does Ear Gear work?
A: Great looking design, a very thin case and the best of everything else, from earbud audio drivers, microphone, cables and electrical connection.

Q: How does Ear Gear sound?
A: Great! These are the same audio components found in the most expensive iPhone earbuds with names you already know.

Q: And Ear Gear iss a protective case, too?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: If Ear Gear sounds so good and works so well, why isn't it more expensive?
A: Mass production tooling and technology from the world's leading suppliers makes Ear Gear efficient to manufacture.

Q: What colors is Ear Gear available in?
A: Black and White are standard, and Pink, Green, and clear are all available with a special order, contact us with questions on special order requirements.

Q: Is Ear Gear available for other smart phone or iPod platrforms?
A: Coming in 2013, more Ear Gears(?) will be available for more of your fave products.

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For more answers, email us at info@ear-gears.com

The World's Only iPhone Case with Built-in Retractable Headset.
Crystal-Clear Telephone and Premium Music Audio with PowertractTM


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